The Launch Indiana directory provides a list of co-working spaces and other entrepreneurial resource hubs.

Discover The Indiana Entrepreneur Ecosystem

The Launch Indiana entrepreneurial ecosystem is focused on creating an immersive statewide experience. Through our initiatives, we’re helping create connections, reduce roadblocks, and increase the number of successful innovation-driven enterprises around the state.

The points on the interactive Indiana co-working directory map all represent individuals and organizations playing an active role in the growth of our entrepreneurial community. We invite aspiring entrepreneurs, interested co-working spaces, growing communities, and invested funders to explore more of what our entrepreneurial community has to offer.

Want to be added to the Indiana co-working directory map? New members of our entrepreneurial community can be added to the map by sending a message with their information to the Launch Indiana team. We’ll work on reviewing your information, determining what category to add you in, and get your information loaded to the map.

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