Launch Indiana has created, through a set of immersive statewide experiences, an interactive database of important members of the Indiana entrepreneurial ecosystem that is designed to help create connections, reduce roadblocks, and increase the number of successful innovation-driven enterprises in Indiana.

Each data point contains relevant contact information for individuals or organizations who have been identified by active participants in the entrepreneurial community as vitally important for an aspiring entrepreneur to be connected with.  Please feel free to sort the data points by category or drill down within the map to view all of the data points within a geographic region.

New members of the community can be added to the map individually via the “Add a Pin” button in the top right corner.  All new additions are reviewed by the Launch Indiana staff to validate their existence and to ensure that they are categorized properly on the map.

If you encounter a person or organization that is no longer participating the entrepreneurial ecosystem please let us know at

Click here for a printable map of Indiana Coworking Passport locations: ICP Map  ICP Contact List